Body Overload…

That’s it. Either I’ve pushed myself too far or the full swing of the summer heat has finally hit me with a vengence because at this moment.

I really feel sick.

On second hand…could I expect things to turn out for the better after today. Hell no. As optimistic as I am. I’m still expecting the worse. Which is contradictory in nature…but I don’t know how to explain myself any further. There is still my personal life to attend to. There is still my social life to repair. There is still my love life to win back.

I haven’t even started on my grades yet.

I don’t know. As I’m sitting down here. I can’t help but feel the impending dread upon me. Maybe it’s me…maybe I am psychic or something, but…I’ve lived long enough to trust gut instincts when they come. If I can’t trust myself…who else am I going to trust? So the best thing to do for now is to sit back and do what I should do.

Get some rest.

Or study.

Hell. I don’t know.

As of this point. I’m too unwell to write anything else anyway. The headache’s come with a bang, my body hurts just as much and I think I have a fever.

I better go sleep.

I think I need it.

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