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Who said fiction doesn’t do you any good? I finished rereading the entire Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series again for the 9th time and I figured I would be a poor fan if I didn’t at least write down what I got from the book. It’s just too good a book to stop reading even if you know who the hell did it. There is something about the character that speaks to us all about life, love and how you should get on with your work.

So I wrote down the things that Anita Blake kinda taught me in through the course of its 11 book series so far. Here they are:

The Blake Rules
1. Never ask someone to do something that you can but are not willing to do.
2. Priorities first…you can cry about it later when no one is watching.
3. Never leave a person behind to the enemy even if you don’t know them.
4. Never stop giving a damn for the people you take care.
5. Love does not conquer all and sometimes it is never enough.
6. Sometimes the worst monsters are the ones that are completely human.
8. If you’re not going to take out the objective, leave it the fuck alone.
9. Love is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it’s just another way to bleed.
10. Panic, worry and fear will not do you any good especially if you’re in a hell lot of trouble.
11. Don’t play with the bad guys if you can’t afford to play by their rules.
12. Never make threats unless you’re willing to live up to them.
13. Sometimes we have to embrace who we really are to do the things we can never do alone.
14. Never argue when you’re winning.

Ok so alot of them are common sense no doubt, but often enough they are things we overlook through out the course of our lives. Sometimes we think we’re living in a world with gardens and fountains that when the shit really hits the fan, we become the little kids that find out that the monsters under our bed is real…and its screwing mommy. Maybe it partly the world I live in…sometimes I think that there it no more place in this world for bleeding hearts.

It’s good to live in a world where life is a fairy tale, but as much as the view is beautiful, some of us can’t live there. That world can get you killed or worse. So what can we do? We either stand up to the task or run screaming…no brownie points for guessing which one I picked.

Stand up and face the storm battering you down. Never believe yourself in a world where all evil makes no sound

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