Brain of KL??

Brain of KL…Beauty of KL…The mix of Australia and Istanbul in KL… Where is this you ask? It’s our very own Putrajaya. PUtrajaya…now the control center of Malaysia actually. All the ministers are there. Where if anyone drops a bomb there, there should be nothing else left in Malaysia. Chaos will start.

Yeah right…

I must admit the infrastructure looks good. The layout is actually quite nice. Elegant in a way. Even the scenary is beautiful. My sister said just block out all the mosque and just look across the lake and at the bridge, feel the breeze blowing through your hair (it was quite windy and it was cold wind), you can actually imagine that you are in Perth. Well…my sister should know..she has bene there tonnes of times. I took her word for it. The Istanbut part was if you look at the building, and you just stand in front of it taking a picture, right in front of all the domes, no one would know the better~~ 😛

Now…this is the outside…let’s take a look at the inside…

My father works there…so he gave us a little insight about the facilities inside. In his very own words, he said it’s a first world infrastructure but run by a third world mentality. There are leaks in the bathroom 24/7, cracks in the walls, the place is actually horrendous. I mean all the non-tourists areas that is. I don’t understand. Isn’t this supposed to be the greatest thing in Malaysia? Something that they are very proud of? Something that the dumped like millions in it to make it worth? And the best they can show us is all the domes and a clean lake?

Sigh… That’s just so depressing…

But what can you expect from a government who constantly have secret riots in the country and an airline company which is going to be crippled soon. OK guys…this is from inside news but our airline is like em…how do i put this, seriously low in manpower right now. But that’s the least of our problems. Politics is a tricky thing but it just seems that the Malaysian Cabinet cannot play this game. I don’t know…now they seem to be trying to clean up their act but is it actually working? There are more and more people who are complaining about the system in Malaysia.

But one thing i have to give them credit for…no matter how many riots there are in Malaysia, it is still quite peaceful here. Kinda harmonious and balanced in a way. But will this last for long? Maybe i’m complaining too much about the system here. I’m just thinking that they can actually make this place even better than it is now.

Look at it… They dump so many precious millions into the buildings and roads in one single measly place that the ministers stay, can’t they give more to the schools? Like the chinese schools and tamil schools and the convent schools who more often than not always don’t get any or minimal funding from the government? Why not improve on all the technology and hospitals for a better future? If they believe in equality and everyone has the same rights…isn’t all that i have just mentioned a little double standard and unfair?

Malaysia is actually a nice place to live in if you just look at the surface and not at the political side of it. It is a place where people from all over the world come to shop (the arabs spend on average 40,000 shopping in Malaysia per person!) and it has great food i have to give them that. But once you look beneath the surface, it is ugly. Something like what i said just now…the buildings are great, but the maintenance sucks.

I guess it is the same for any other country but hey…I only know that much~~ 😛

I’m sorry for all the pure Malaysians supporters our there but that’s just my serious opinion.

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