Breathless is what I am to be.
When I see you standing close to me.
Tasting sweet scents that winds blow past.
To catch the gentle whiffs of fragrance everlast.

Breathless is what I am to see.
When I pull you in front of me.
To caress the outlines of your gentle face.
To hold you tight in our sweet embrace.

Breathless is what I am to feel.
When our kisses are locked in a seal.
To melt away without a hint of time.
A passionate taste without reason or rhyme.

Breathless is what we are today.
We took each other so far away.
Our time grows longer each time we spend.
To eternity’s arms we live till the very end.

All I can say today is…ow. Yes ow. I feel like I ran a marathon, lost and had the angry mob beat me up. But there is something about it that makes you feel free. Feel comfortable. Feel like I belong. If pain is the side effect of feeling at home for the first time in your life. Then why not?

I mean…what’s so wrong with pushing your body to the limits of your endurance? What’s so wrong with wearing yourself thin if it only meant you could sleep well for the rest of your life? Adrenaline junkies never tire of it. They push themselves to the limits…feel that rush of pleasure at every second…pushing and moving until they hit that second of ecstasy in a moment.

Sometimes it isn’t about the moments of joy throughout the pain that you feel. Sometimes its more than that. There are some things in life worth living for more than it meant. Whether just to see your work be done…or to see someone smile and laugh. Some things are worth pushing it all the way.

You know I’m right.

Don’t you think?

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