Broken Vow And Mental Comments…

Alright, either Sarah is really trying to do a really bad job in comforting me proving once and for all that she is more alive than I would know her to be…or I should seriously redefine the scope of my sanity right about now because I really don’t know why of all the 1400 songs in my song list on random.

Only one song keeps repeating itself over and over again.

Tell me his name, I want to know
The way he looks and where you go.
I need to see his face, I need to understand.
Why you and I came to an end.

Tell me again, I want to hear.
Who broke my faith in all these years.
Who lays with you at night while I’m here all alone.
Remembering when I was your own.

I let you go, I let you fly.
Why do I keep on asking why?
I let you go, now that I’ve found a way to keep somehow.
More than a broken vow.

Tell me the words I never said.
Show me the tears you never shed.
Give me the touch, the one you promised to be mine.
Or has it vanished for all time?

I close my eyes.
And dream of you and I and then I realise.
There’s more to love than only bitterness and lies.
I close my eyes.

I’d give away my soul to hold you once again.
And never let this promise end.

This is driving out of my mind. How am I supposed to hold back all my feelings and keep having all the thoughts and memories pouring back everytime it hits me that I’m no longer the number one guy in her life?

Yes yes before you scream very strong words of apathy and disgust, take note that at least I AM moving on with my life one painful step at a time. It’s just not entirely easy considering alot of things in life between her and me. It’s one of those things where you have to stop and pause because something reminds of you of the good times that meant something more than it should.

When alot of your life is built around those memories.

You know it’s not going to be an easy road to walk.

One consideration at least, I haven’t been this progressive to do and learn things I haven’t worked on before since…well…in a long long time.

That’s got to acount for something.


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