Buggy Buggy…

Finally…we’ve started doing the buggy again. Got down all the way to get the metal cutter, which to our surprise is way bigger than we thought. Its ridiculous, our little project. We’ve been doing this Off-Road buggy thing for about 2 years and we’re STILL doing it. Its bigger than a Nissan Cefiro, uglier than hell, and troublesome as well as tiring. But we love it, at least I think we all love it. I mean it is our little project, our little baby. Not some bought thing, this little thing is literally made with our sweat and blood. Tha’ts somethiing to be proud off. Definitely proud off.

To think it all started because we watched Dicovery Channel’s Junkyard Wars. To think we ALMOST went ahead and built ourselves a hovercraft instead of an Off-Road Buggy. Which we complained to ourselves so many times that it would have been so much easier to just build a hovercraft instead. Not to mention the fact so many people actually thought we were making a pathetic little Go-Cart. Man, it was so difficult sometimes to explain the difference between a Go-Cart and an Off-Road Buggy. Also the fact some people ask us non-stop when is is going to finish. It’s not like it’s a game or something. It’s hand cut metal parts welded together, it’s not like it magically does itself!!

But after a 3 month break, we’re back at that abandoned house again, doing what we always do, build our little Buggy. With our ever friendly unofficial mascot outside, the “lovable” mutt Duke. We slowly move along making cuting and welding till we’re deaf and blind from all the equipment side effects.

Well, tomorrow’s another day…this time, we got to stock up the metal and finish cutting them. Which means more measuring. At least we’ve got a big circular saw now to help us, no more hand cutting which took hours to finish. God I personally can’t wait for it to finish.

Oh well…back to reading my new Anita Blake Series book “Cerulean Sins“. A definite must read. Can’t stop…must read…Mmmm…nice….

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