Burn Him, Burn Him…!!

God I wish they’d offer us comparative religion as a course to take. Then that would really be something to learn rather than just plain ol’ Moral Studies. Ok fine…so I’m not the most religious person on the block, anyone observant enough can see that. If anything, I’m more likened to being burned on the stake for being the second coming of the Anti-Christ. But that’s another story altogether…

Anyway…I always wondered, what road did I take that would have brought me so far from the religion of God. Don’t get me wrong…I know for a scientific fact that there is a large possibility of a greater being out there which we can call God. But as for the “God(s)” of religion? No…I have washed my hands of the whole affair. Religion is to me like a handicapped man holding a crutch. Once they have been healed, you still can walk with the crutch…but you can’t run with it.

Alright…it would seem like I have just insulted every religion on the planet. Yet again don’t get me wrong. I have nothing but respect for the beliefs and ideals of others. People need the faith, belief and hope that religion offers in our otherwise bleak world we call reality. Alot of us really need that, but there are to many things religion in itself cannot answer for me. Oh…it has its own answers…but the trail kinda ends there. Any further questions would be met with the eternal, exasperating and often illogically vague answer of “Because God made it that way…“.

Come on…if scientists stopped at finding out if atoms were the smallest element, our understanding of the physical universe would be very small indeed. Same goes for the answers we are supposed to seek in religion…the more you know…the more you begin to understand that it just doesn’t cover everything…

About God in religion. Everyone keeps harping about how their God is the right God. I’m not even going to go there. Why? Because if the following assumptions are correct that:

1. God is an infallible, omnipotent and omnipresent being.
2. We as human beings are imperfect.

Then by all means, who are we to:

1. Assume we understand how God thinks.
2. Able to properly interpret the supposed words of God.

So for me to even begin to say a certain belief is right solely because God condones it is one of the most hypocritical if not illogical statements ever made.

Maybe I can count myself lucky for not being pressured to follow a religious belief when I was younger. Instead I was pressured to learn and form my own logical conclusions based upon all and any available data that stood in front of me. So the more I grew, technically…the better I can be able to understand the picture as a whole. That’s probably why religion and me don’t mix…it’s just two different paradigms.

But bottom line is this. Maybe I don’t have to have an attachment to any religion (even if I’m born into one big one), maybe I don’t have to believe in whatever God put down in the texts. But maybe, all I have to have…or any of us are supposed to have, is not the belief in the rules of the religion…but the faith in that there is a creator. Faith that there is a God, without judgement of how God is or what God wants. Just the plain and simple fact.

God is there. The rest…is just a human’s perception.

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