Burning The Midnight Bonfire…

Another day…another sleepless night. Christ…at this rate I’m going to have to resort to more extreme measures of staying away during the night. It’s bad enough that I have eyebags that look like my eyes are grotesquely hollowed. It’s worse that every moment I’m not doing something…I suddenly feel apathic and extremely tired…like I’ve ran a marathon, then lost, then have angry fans beat the crap out of me.

Hell…my friend and I are resorting to calling each other up in shifts to wake each other up and then go to sleep after pulling a very late night. One person stays up till 3 in the morning studying, then called the other person who is sleeping, then it’s their turn to stay awake till dawn while the other person sleeps. Good plan…assuming we eventually pay back sleep. I doubt keeping to a 3 and half hour a day sleep scheduel for weeks on end is healthy for the mind.

Maybe that’s where my headaches are coming from. It’s been coming in more frequent these days and I was wondering what the hell is causing it. I don’t know…all I know is that if I don’t find a way to pull of less sleep and stay wide awake soon, those voices in my head are going to mean a whole lot more to me than just background noise. Gee…only one of my friend recomended I see a doctor. The rest just dismiss it as nothing much to worry. I’ll stick to the nothing much to worry…until I start hearing the voices of “God” or something like that. I’m perfectly fine the way I am.

But what do you know…I’m studying Pharmacology this semester…and what do you know…we know alot of ways to hold down migranes. My oh my…who said studying never pays off in real life? All I have to do is to pop in some 5-HT agonists into my system and walla…migrane all gone. The only thing I have to worry about now is my complete lack of energy. I can’t afford to feel so tired in class. It’ll seriously affect my studies. I already lost half of what my lecturer was saying in Java 101 and I repeatedly doze off in Biochemistry. My mind keeps wandering off and I have absolutely no strength to focus at all.

There must be some way I can pump myself up with extra energy and still sacrifice sleep…hmmm…amphethamines anyone…?

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