Busy Busy Bee

Good god, the sudden realisation here is this. I am now one of the most busiest person on earth and no personally I don’t think that’s something to be proud off. All a sudden Im just in charge of a whole lot of things, in the council…in the classroom. Most of it is just the trial run, but if I do well, it’ll be for real…the thing is…I’m contemplating success as purposely failing in some of these things so that I WON’T be given it as a permanent position later in the future. Unfortunately, these aren’t small projects, some dictate my grades, some are essential parts of events that require it to be done, so…no cando onthe backing out now. Somehow I got pulled into it, by God…I am sure going to dig myself out of it.

Right now this is how it goes. Unofficially I’m the new secretary for the Council, as dumb as that sounds…it’s the third ranking position in the Council. Not just that, I’m the director of Information Management. In other words it’s what I do best…it’s my job to know everything when the time comes for it to be used. New ideas, new data, new facts…any information of data to be compiled for future reference that’s my job (wich also means I get to handle the PC’s whenever I wish so…woohoo!!). Right now, I’m assigned to 2 particular projects…one is that sketch which I’m starting to realise that I’m the one in charge of everything…not like last time where the work was spread out in departments. The other one is the Student Council Newsletter…not so bad since it’s just your basic PC jobs, nothing much there.

That’s not including my 10 more assignments and the 12 lab reports I have from courses. Which does involve a certain important part of my overall grades. Thankfully they are to be handed out at the end of June so that’s good enough…but you know how time flies. Anyway…I have to get going. If I push it now I can actually finish 3 assignments by tonight. That is if I finish it right about now. So…here’s to me NOT having a heart attack from all this work. Cheers

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