Calling Of The Old

Today is a beginning of something new and something old at the same time. Somehow I’m reminded of my past…I was sitting down listening to my music like I always do and I was suddenly drawn to a calling of something old. Something that reminded me of who I am and what I should be doing. A call to power and strength that I had held on to in to past. Maybe it’s the fact that now is the time I am starting what could mean the future I always planned for. Maybe it’s just a coincidence…but then Gil Grissom always said that coincidences are just scientific anomalies.

Maybe it’s time I returned to doing what I do best. My little experiments. Precious research into the the boundaries of the human psyche. Best of all…I know the perfect subject to contend with. A guy that no one would care much for if he gets into trouble. Well hated among his peers on both sexes. As much as I dislike him, a part of me does see the use he will have. Nothing should be wasted in the interest of science. Nothing truly useless. It’s what is probably in my blood. To search, learn, build and explore. Push whatever is left of our humanity to the edge or beyond despite what other people think.

Speaking of build and create. I just got some new pics of the the buggy my friends and I are working on. Maybe it’ll shut some idiots up that we really do what we say.

Our little project
Our little project...again
Our little project and us

Well, that’s about it. I’ll see to my little human psych experiment later. Got to make sure all plans out well. Its good to really start being me again. Its good to be back in the game of science again.

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