Can The Choice…

Choices Choices…so many choices and so many roads to take. I don’t see how some people keep saying they have no choices in life. Everything is right there in front of us…the small little catch is that we have to actually open our eyes to fully grasp the full context of what those choices mean. I mean when trying to get money…you can also work or you can rob a bank too. But I doubt any good law abiding citizen is going to choose robbery as a means of income…unless they are desperate…but even that opens a whole new avenue of choices to make.

Maybe like one of my friends said…I can see my choices because I kinda see them ahead of time. It’s like knowing what hits you before it does. But how can I do that when I don’t even know what’s going to hit me? I didn’t even know I’m going to be in this situation…gee…you think I planned to be stuck in the middle? I plan to watch and listen to people being stuck in the middle…but not be part of it. How ironic life is. Well what do you know? God does have a sense of humour…that explains everything indeed.

So what can I do? Going all flustered and worried isn’t going to do much. I guess the only thing I can do is follow the Anita Blake Rules. Concentrate on priorities. Anything else I can cry about it later. Got to do what HAS to be done. Priorities means finishing this can of Pringl…err…my Case Study. That’s right Ed…follow the Blake Rules. You’ll never go wrong with that.

Now all I have to do is find my Pringles Case Study notes. Where did I put them anyway? Hmmm…looks like I have a new priority to do before I even start my case study…

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