Canvas Of Life…

Why does our world have to echo in it’s own misery? Why is it the things that we always want the most are the ones we never seem to have? Why do we have to lose ourselves in a world where we were never really found? When did it ever say we have to lose faith in the things we hold the most?

Why did we ever have to say “stop”?

There are days when we’re so caught up in our own perception of the world. Days when our own little world means more to us than what goes on “out there”. Sure…some of us may have noble intentions whatever it maybe, but the truth is…your own world is still your own world. It does not really reflect what’s out there. Whatever self imposed misery we may inflict and experience in our own world, it’s just a small fraction of the blood that’s spilt. Whatever joy of success you live in, it’s just a miniscule fragment of the truly significant that can be done.

When did we become so self-centered?

No matter what, no matter where…so many of us still echo the same words of misery. So many of us still cry the tears of despair and pain that is as self-deceptive as a fun fair mirror. We like to think that our values and principles mean something to the good of the world…but the truth is…the real world doesn’t deal in the same currency we do. Reality doesn’t give a damn about whether something is right or wrong. Reality doesn’t give a damn about whether you’re happy or you’re sad.

It just does what it’s supposed to.

The world is a neutral canvas of emptiness where anyone can paint. It is something that builds upon the vision of whoever paints it. Bleakness and despair echo’s in darkness and fear. Just as well too…light and optimism radiate that same joy and hope. Just because we feel pain, just because we feel hurt, just because we have always been hurt…doesn’t mean that we haven’t the ability to feel joy.

Why can’t we stop feeling the pain?

Why can’t we just choose to be at peace with the world around us?

We can’t change that canvas we work in. We can’t get back the white from that black. We can’t constantly correct the mistakes we make.

We can shape that canvas to our own desires…even if it’s the closest that we can. Mistakes could be the beginnings of something beautiful. Grey could be a wonderful accompaniment to something we never imagine. It just all starts with just you.

It starts with your mind.

It continues with your heart.

It finishes with your soul.

Don’t paint the world you don’t want to live in.

Don’t ever do that.

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