Carpe Diem…

Moments. In each and every part of our lives for as long as it goes. It all boils down to those series of moments. That’s all we have. We may look at the road ahead and see it’s long winding path, but when we come to think of all that we have been through and are going through. It’s all about living those moments.

How far back can you remember your childhood? How far back can you remember the things you did as a kid, as a teenager or even as a young adult? Remember your first pain, your first crush, your first horrible experience, your first friend, your first death, your first kiss, your first failure, your first significant other, your first heartbreak, your first time making love, your first betrayal, your first job. It may have been a long road to walk to get to where you are.

But eternity is often frozen in a blink of an eye.

Any one of you could be living those moments right now. Maybe living the moments I have yet to even live. But we all live through them. People often argue that we are all different in our own way. But what is so different when the lives that we lead, the moments that we walk on day after day are the same? Alright…so some people may have their moments earlier or later than others.

But that’s still not a reason to say people are different.

Maybe it is easier to look at your life right now as something out of a sitcom or a drama, any TV series genre you can relate your life to. Think about it. Every episode is a series of moments where you deal with your own issues, your own personal revelations and in the end…come out succeeding or failing. That’s pretty much like a show to me.

Simmer a little Dawson’s Creek over here, add in a rump roll of Survivor, stir in a tinch of Alias and CSI and finally add a little dash of Fraiser. You’d probably get my life. Oh hell…why not toss in Home Improvement in there. I may not grunt like Tim Allen or hide my face like Wilson, but trust me, within the time I take to blow something up and make a complete fool of myself, rest assured I’d be coming out of the mess without a scratch and probably much wiser as well.

Not much different than our slightly more hairy ancestors eh?

So to hell with it. Chances are, you’re going to live a long life anyway. So stop wishing you want it to end and start coming out of your melancholic self pity already. The Series hasn’t even reached it’s finale yet…I’m not even sure that the season’s finale is coming any time soon anyway. Start ending one problem one episode at a time, one moment at a time. Because as I said in the beginning, all we ever have to look at in our own lives are moments.

Cherish every one of them, weep at the ones that make you sad, laugh at the ones that make you happy, deal with the ones that you have to deal with. That’s all there is to it. You may have made a fool out of yourself, you may have made a big mistake that has nno turning back, you may have sve the world from certain doom from evil spacefaring aliens by sacrificing your favourite X-Box. But whatever happened then, whatever is happening now and whatever will happen in the future…

It’s all moments that you live by. It’s all in your hands to make it whatever ending you want. It’s your eternity in time stood still. So why not sieze it the way it was meant to be? Your way.


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