Carrying Responsibility

Is there much difference between a leader and a guy that people people elect so that they don’t have to do all the dirty work? Over the years, I haven’t seen much difference between the two. Often enough in the early years our lives, people just choose such positions as mere honorary ones or because no one else wants to do the dirty work. Or even as a huge scapegoat so that people know who to blame in case something goes wrong…which incidentally is much like most politicians today.

But maybe…just maybe…that there is not much difference between the two. It’s one of those things that life tosses us if we’re not the ones looking for it. It’s not as much as you are chosen to be in charge, it’s that you have to play that role of really being in charge…as a true leader. One that will lead those under you and not be some honorary pedestal to be blamed when the shit hits the fan. If you can’t deal with it then maybe you do deserve to be the scapegoat to all things gone wrong. It’s like a version of survival of the fittest…if you cannot fight to maintain the standard role of which you have been entrusted to play. Then by natural law…you will be picked out.

Maybe some of us by some draw of the card are meant to take that test of being those who lead. It’s up to us if we want to be the ones who will shoulder that burden or responsibility. If we can handle it, good…if not then we’re screwed.

I don’t know how much I’m cut out to lead. Some people that know me have faith in me…others who know me say they don’t. It’s a 50-50 thing. I’m probably not a leader, just a soldier who’s put in charge to handle things till the real leader gives new orders. The story of my life…hoping so much to try and be a leader…but falls short enough not to be one. Well…this is probably where I say it’s time to make lemonades. Maybe if I don’t screw up the jobs often enough, I’ll come close to being one. Sometimes illusion is just as good as the real thing especially in this world right? Only one way to find out…trial and error. Here’s hoping the trial doesn’t kill me first.

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