Cat On Where I Sat…

Life’s little symbolism today just happened to be another unexpected thing. Of all things…it’s a cat. It’s not just any cat. It’s an unusual little cat. A cat with a square little spot right below its nose. So much so that my friend and I dubbed it Hitler’s Cat. Now what’s so unusual about this cat is that it had perfectly yellow eyes. I mean, I’ve seen cats with eyes like that before, but this cat had perfectly yellow eyes, like clear amber with black slits in the middle. Somehow…I found that a little calming if not uncomfortable.

It’s not just that anyway. This cat though a stray cat seemed for some reason…smart. It was sitting beside me letting me scratch its ear and then rubbing its head on my thighs. Then the cat knelt down while looking at me with those perfectly amber eyes as if it was listening to me and studying my. What a cat alright. Talk about smug and damn near arrogant grace. It scared the hell out of my friend though. Can’t blame her for feeling that scared. When’s the last time an animal did that to you in an almost perfect civility? That’s more to say than SOME human beings I know.

Why am I talking about this? Oh…I don’t know. Something about how the native american indians believe that every human being is represented by one animal spirit or guide. Of course this can be far from the truth but it’s not hard to find it comforting if it is real. Why not anyway? We’re still animals anyway, still part of nature. Why can’t we represent ourselves in our own animalistic symbolism?

I used to think my animal guide as a wolf. The teacher. Wise, cunning, compassionate and fierce. Now, I’m not so sure anymore. By american indian standards, an animal guide is an animal that a person see’s often, giving it a sense of guidance and peace in the physical and metaphysical. If so, then by all means, my animal guide could very well be the cat. Not exactly the hunter like the wolf, but it has its own symbolisms too. Besides, for some reason people keep mentioning I’m more like a cat than anything else. I don’t know how that happens, but that’s about how it goes.

I don’t know…I can’t shake those amber eyes out of my head. For some reason…I just have this gut instinct that it’s supposed to mean something. What it means…that I would have to wait. Life has it’s own way of telling me what it wants from me.

All I got to do is be patient…always patient…like a cat…

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