Chances Are…

For the first time in a few months, my friend and I are talking to each other again as of old. I guess that’s what’s making me grin for almost the whole day. It’s funny though…there will always be some situation, some reason or some crisis that will bring us together to talk no matter how pissed we are at each other. If it happened to other people, I would say it was a mere coincidance. But it has happened too many times to us that it’s starting to even creep me out.

It’s almost as if we’re messing with fate. I have never met anyone else so in tune to the signs and signals of life than her. It’s like we’re between the crossroads of the future yet to happened and past experienced. Everything said and seen has a deja vu in the lives we live by. Every action taken will have a concequence either one will have recently experienced.

Even our recent events have not gone to waste. Because of it, I was able to share with another friend of the mistakes I made that began my own mess. With it, maybe help that friend understand her current situation with her friend as well which was remarkably similar. It made me realise the true worth of a friend I have. It made me realise I might not be so alone as I beat myself up to be.

I don’t know…I’ve always said that somewhere out there, there is always at least one person there to be your perfect friend. One person who understands who you are as well or better than you understand yourself. One person on the same side of the coin as you are. Maybe, just maybe…by some strange twist of causality…life has shown me that person.

Now that’s something to smile about.

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