Chances Of Success…

Second chances…something we all wish for. But sometimes there isn’t a room for second chances. Sometimes all you have is now. Sometimes all you have is one chance to make it all right. One chance to succeed. One chance to smile and make friends. One chance to pat a person on the back or laugh at yourself for making a boo boo.

One chance to belong.

All I wanted was for everyone to get along. Everyone to smile and get along. But this…this is like school all over again isn’t it? I try so hard to run away from the past that so damn near took my life…but the past is never so easily forgotten. It’s always there…taunting you…reminding you of the blood that was spilled, the casualties that it claimed…the time that it stole.

So why do you think I’m so scared?

It has happened before…I’m so scared that it will happen again. Oh no doubt I know what goes on. That’s at least the benefits of a past relived. At least in understanding it, you won’t make the same mistake again…and I won’t. I am not going to stand by the side and be treated like a dirty dog. I am not going to stand by the side and smile believing that it would all be ok. I will not be excess baggage ready to discarded when the time come.

I will not repeat the past.

They say love and care covers all. This I don’t doubt nor deny. It’s true. That’s what friendships are built upon. But there is an added rule that few know off. When love can’t do the job…let fear take care care of the rest. If people don’t like you for who you are…then by God…they will respect you for what you can do. Because in this world…you can speak many languages…but there is one thing everyone understands.

Success is a universal language.

It won’t matter whether you are love or hated. When people know how good you are at something. They will vouch for you no matter what their personal squabbles are. Success is the mother of all associations. You might not know a person…but you will know what they have done. You might not know their life story…but you might know what they can do. It’s only fair game.

It’s all that I have to work for.

So maybe you can’t blame me for trying so hard to succeed. I know I will never be as socially gifted as alot of people. I know I will never have the ability to be friendly when I’m not. I sure as hell still can’t be cute. But I know as long as I have what it takes to be good at whatever I put my mind to…I may not have friends at first…but I will have my ounce of dignity and respect.

Sometimes…that’s all I will ever have.

Except you give me more than I ever thought I deserved.

You gave me that second chance.

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