Choices Of Sweat And Blood…

How many times have you ever gotten frustrated over what you couldn’t have? How many times have you only but stood by and watched as the things you worked for fall into vain as the fruits of your labour fail to bloom? How many times have you gotten what you want by the sheer will of your sweat and blood alone?

How many times has it by your own hand?

How many of it couldn’t have been changed?

In the life there is no doubt about it, there is an infinite level of possibilities encased within an infinite level of choices. The paths that we walk upon are vast and the choices we will make over our lifetimes are staggering. In the end, we are forced to bear the burden of responsibilty by the events that unfold born from the choices we did or did not make. Sometimes that burden can be something we cannot bear and alot of us fall by the side unable to walk any further…weighed down by the concequence of their actions. The truth is…

We all fall by the side one time or another.

My life being no exception to this supposed rule has been nothing short of action, consequence and reactions. Throughout most of it, I have believed in one thing.

I am directly responsible for the things that happen to me.

Of course I’m well aware of the things that are well beyond my control, like time, the distance, the choices made by other people or the environment. The world that I walk upon is a minefield of events waiting to happen depending on the choice we make. Alot of us like to refer to these events as fate.

Well…fate be damned is what I say.

We like to believe that we are bound to whatever we see in front of us. Many of us particularly religious people, do in fact believe that whatever we go through in life is already written and cannot be changed. Then by that…of course whatever is set up to happen will happen. I mean…if you don’t get of your butt to do something about whatever happened to you…of course you can’t stop it from happening to its full impact. Sometimes…you have to do everything possible to get to what you want.

Sometimes even the things we never want to do.

Which most of us fail to accomplish in the first place.

Yes…I can’t be there you. Yes…I wish I was with you every step of the way. Yes…I wish it was me who’s coddling and pampering you right this moment. All I can be right now is a voice in the night, a mental caress in your dreams and hopefully a memory of the future.

Then again…that can’t stop me from being just a voice.

I’ll do what can be done to be there. Even if I have to fly there to hold you till the morning light in times of darkness. Even if I have to stand by and watch other guys try to win you over to let you understand I trust you to love me. Whatever it takes to show you I never really left. Whatever it takes to make up for the mistakes in the past.

Whatever it takes to keep those twenty thousand and three lifetimes together.

Life may have taken us far apart. Life may not make it any easier for us. But if people we know could do it, then I know we can. If anything, this is sheer will of determination in its finest hour…or I just may be a stubborn bastard to begin with.

At least I can say this is my choice.

The greatest things in life are often earned.

With something like this, it’s going to be every inch of it.

But with you…it’s going to be worth that sweat and blood.

For twenty thousand and three lifetimes.

It’s worth it.

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