The Illusion of Choice…

Choices…are they really illusions like the mentioned in Matrix: Reloaded? What gives us a choice? Why is there always a choice? From what I understand so far, it isn’t about the choices that we will make, because based on who we are…we would already have made those choice a long time ago. It’s always the question of why we make that choice because individuals make choices based on who they are. But here is something that can really hit our noodle. We’re human beings…as unique as every individual is, we all live by the same rules, the same natural human system. We all have our emotions, we all react the same way to pain and joy. By that fact…won’t that mean when a push comes to shove… at the root core we all will make essentially the same choices?

Not much of a choice isn’t it?

I guess we have have to have choices…even though at some part we already chose to be who we already are. It’s not about predestiny and fate. I don’t believe in that claptrap. It’s all about cause and effect. If you are who you are at this very moment, taking the paths you took at this very moment. Then your options in the future will be narrorwed down to the choices you made right now. Its that simple. Change who you are…and the paths will change in the future. But this is for the far future…not the immediete future. You can’t change thie options given to you in the near future because it is the effect of what you chose a long time ago.

If we only had the give of foresight, if we only could see the many paths and roads that we take. If we could take what we need rather than kill for what we want. Then choice WOULD be a true choice. Speaking of choices, I’ve gota choice to either get off my butt and do something or sit in front here and keep typing. As far I work is concerned, I really need to get off my butt and do my assignments. That means I need chocolate…see what I mean by the choices and the effects…:)

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