Choices We Make…

What makes people choose the paths they walk? What is it that makes anyone decide which way to take in a fork in the road? What makes someone turn right when clearly they were signalling left? The human mind is a complex thing. We spend the rest of our lives believing that we have a choice, never knowing or understanding the reason behind the choices we make.

In that ignorance…we are forced to walk the path we are already walking without any way of turning back…anyway of true choice. That is the illusion in which we all thread upon. Ignorance in the belief we can make a choice. We see it everyday. People trapped in the concequence that they created. From the tasks we do, to the love we give, to the life we choose.

We couldn’t possibly make a choice at that moment because the options are already closed. We’re only living out the concequence of something we probably decided a long time ago. Once the choice has been made, then we can only wait for it to be played out…not immediately…but in time the full extent of those actions will be revealed. That’s why the choices we make are illusions. That’s why we spend our lives saying we have no choice.

We’ve already made our choice a long time ago. Now we’re just playing it as it is supposed to be played. Anything else are just extras.

Why do we always take the road that ends in death? When we have a choice to shape our will as long as we draw breath.

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