Coincidental Proof Of Coincidence…

Well I can’t really be long here because due to an unexpected turn of events I am in KLCC now without my wireless card with my friend who’s here for a day. Come to think of it, it IS a freaky turn of events that lead me here at the right place at the right time.

It’s just one butterfly effect after another.

To be at the right place at the right time at the right moment just to see everything come together for a single reason is one of the thing I still can’t understand in my life even though it happens all the time.

If anything I should ask myself for the good AND bad of all its worth.

Why me?

Even if some things in this world are best left unanswered, I seriously don’t mind an answer right about now. It would just make my life a whole lot easier to come to grips with if only I knew if there was some grand plan for everything in life.

In the end though for all its worth.

I’d still appreciate what this nexus of constant coincidances has brought me throughout my own life. For good and bad, it made me who I am today…and that is something I know I should be thankful for.

For all that it’s worth.

It’s a life worth living to its fullest.

Note: For those of you have been keeping track. I did finish those 30 articles in 96 hours. But I had to stay awake for 40 hours straight to get it done which caused a flu relapse. I had fever last night and I now have a splitting headache with a sore throat which feels like I have two balls down my throat (no sexual pun intended).

3 thoughts on “Coincidental Proof Of Coincidence…

  1. Hahahah…thanks for the concern Yian. I actually dozed off while curled up in front of the computer last night anyway…:) 

    Posted by Edrei

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