Computer Labs…

Well….no brownie points for guessing where am i right now… πŸ™‚ Yeap…in a computer lab…or more specific in the UCSI computer lab. UCSI stands for University College Sedaya International.
Now that you know where i am…
You know…the reason for a college or a university for having a computer lab is so that students can finish up their work, check their mails from their loved ones, and basically keeping in touch with the whole world by bloggin (yeah…saving my own ass) and logging on to newspaper sites and receiving and sending out mails. But now…i look around and see…most students…playing games?
There are many other students hanging around the side of the lab to wait for a computer. The computers in a computer lab is of course limited. I earned my right for sitting at this particular unit because i did my assignment, wrote a mail and now i’m blogging. (i can’t believe i just wrote ‘now i’m blogging’) anyway, as i was saying, most of the computers are now used as a gaming unit instead of a unit to finish their work or to connect to the world.
Is it rude or mean of students to use the computer for only games and not for anything else?
I mean it should be ok if there weren’t any other students waiting/lining up looking for computers to use right? What about now? The two guys at either side of me came in an hour ago and started online gaming until now. Hm…i just think that it is plain sad.
We were taught since we were young to share and share alike. What about now that we are older and we all have our own independant thoughts? Is it still the same? Do we still apply the same principles? Or is it everyone for thwmselves?
Is selfishness a neccessity to live?
It’s like all everyone can think of right now is everything for their own good. For their own benefit. If you sacrifice your own good luck you’re known to be “noble”. Trust me…the word noble is nice to hear and it’s supposed to be a good word. But when you actually hear people uttering them, in that sarcastic tone…i don’t think even i want to be noble anymore.
Or am i just being too paranoid?
For me i still think that the share and share alike principle still applies to me. I still think that the saying “you scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours” still applies. You are happy that you helped someone out, and others are happy that you helped them. It is a win win situation…is it not?
I’ll make this short because i think i shall make way for other people to use this unit. Cheerios!! πŸ™‚

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