Consequence, Karma, Judgement…

How could I have been so blind? How could I have thought I could get away with it?

We can’t escape any of it can we?

We can’t escape the price of pain. Pain we caused to others. Pain we let others bleed by. We can’t escape it. No one can.

We will always get it back.

It is our karma to pay for the consequence of our actions.

It is our price to endure threefold of what we wrought.

It is judgement sentenced by life for the crimes you have commited.

Crimes commited against the person you love. Sentence by the person you love. Executed by whom you always love.

I have to pay. I have to pay in full.

In end if I want her to be happy. To be happy for the entire twenty thousand and three lifetimes.

I have to take what’s coming to me.

I deserve it.

Every pool of tears.

Every drop of blood.

Every strip of flesh.

I deserve it.

I don’t know what I’ll do. I can’t return to whom I was. I can’t move from where I am.

All I can do is bleed. Bleed the blood I spilt.

Bleed it for as long as it takes to satisfy the spite.

Quench the anger.

Pay the consequence of hurting her.

If anything, I love you even more.

Your malice. Your malevolence. Your darkness.

The mirror image of my own abyss.

I will count the days until my payment is up.

For now I will watch myself bleed.

And always always love you.

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