Council Promotion

Hail to the king baby…odds are with me on this. I just got promoted from supporting member to full time member in the council. Much to some people’s surprises really, since there were only 2 positions open to be filled. Somehow when I first heard of of the council…I somehow imagined people in dark robes sitting beside a round table with a large looming figure also dressed in a hooded robe booming “So gentlemen…how do we kill superman?” Of course, it’s obvious I let my imagination run a bit too far. Then again…maybe that’s not so far from the truth as well.

It’s been a long week for me. The Orientation to organise, the new classes, the long hours and the recent promotion…even being home alone with my mom gone for 2 weeks. Pretty eventful so far. Well, still takes it toll on my mind and body. As far as I know, I’m pretty much exhausted physically and mentally…especially mentally. Pulling off 11 hour college time is a new one for me. Maybe I’ll get used to it in say a month or so…but as far as it goes, it’s tapping the strength from me.

Anyway…I do need some sleep. Before I really collapse on the keyboard. Maybe 11 hours of sleep will do me some justice follow by some nice quality time with my girl later on. It’s funny…I somehow feel I’m supposed to be doing something with what I have right now, but I’ve yet to still figure out. Do hope it’s not important…I’ve got some events to organise and assignments to do later on, hope the times don’t clash and bite me in the ass.

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