Counting Down The End

Ahh…two exams down and two more to go. I didn’t know which was much worse, the exam or the stomach ache I had before I went into the exam. But I guess it was the stomach ache because it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I don’t think it’ll be an A, but I do hope I get an A for my Unichem. That’s one paper I’m seriously counting on.

So I’ve got about 2 more days till my next exam…which is Statistics. Not really a hard paper, but we had a lousy lecturer so alot of it I had to pull of my old A-Levels knowledge. Seeing how I scored in my maths paper then…I do hope I got it all figured out. I don’t want another fail for my math lest I face the wrath of my parents.

Which is good too…considering I won’t be studying much this weekend. I’m going to….RIVERDANCE!! Woohoo!! This is something I’m definitely not going to miss. Because if I do I’m going to kick myself. I got my tickets all ready and everything is planned well. Right after that I’m going to stay over at my girl’s place…well at least that’s the plan. So as you can see…no room to study much. But I’ve got two more papers anyway on Monday and Wednesday. I can hit it hard on Sunday afternoon and the whole Tuesday.

At times like this, makes me forget that I even have problems of my own…thats what keeping busy doing things one step at a time is all about. Oh well..right now I need sleep. Been sleeping pretty late these days and I seriously need to catch up.

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