Cropping Problems

Well there we have it, a few days ago I was talking about everything new. Now all I have is a page that isn’t going to be finished for quite a while. Looks like I’m artistically inert (oh look…a scientific word), all I came up with is a page layout that looks far worse than the one I have here. Oh great going Ed…next time, ask professionals that you can count on first. I’ve decided to ask the help of my friend to help with the ideas. After all…he was my best high school buddy and still is a great guy to hang around with and a heck of creative guy. Plus he studies graphical advertising, what more can I ask from a guy who’s going to do this professionally?

Of course he’s going to be busy anyway, so what the heck…I’ll leave that til later when he’s free to help out.

Besides that…how does ANYONE get through all these networking problems so easily? So I’m a newbie at this, sue me already. I’ve been figuring out how to get my router to work properly. Right now, I can’t send any file out or receive any file in by any of my instant messenger. It’s disastrously pathetic. All I know is, I got to configure a port so that the programs can use it to access it. But where? That’s the question. Then how can I get my trillian to run it? So many questions…and I haven’t even gotten to the PHILOSOPHICAL parts of it yet. Sad life we lead…for the misery in which we feed.

So back to making it work. Hope I get this done before I need to upload any pictures, otherwise it’s going to be a real killer for me.

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