Cube Squared…

The Rubick’s Cube…to the general public, it’s a novelty item that gives many of us headaches trying to put it together. To many of us, it’s just something that we do when we’re really really bored to pass the time. Not that we can solve it, but that it’s just something pretty puzzle to work on in the end.

To me…it’s something else.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting the hang of solving the cube to a point where trying to solve it in the least possible time is now my main objective. Seeing that I need to take alot of things of my mind, spending my train rides solving the cube continously has been a constant help in not making me depressed.

But that’s not really the point what I’m getting at.

It wouldn’t really be me if I don’t see another side to this 6 sided puzzle.

It’s easy to relate the Rubik’s Cube to life in general and everything we face in it. You take away all the complexity and all the junk in life and you get something like your cube.

Think about it.

In life there are so many different roads and paths to wherever we want to go. In that, there are so many different possibilities and combinations to any outcome and concequence. We all have different ways of living life, different ways of putting our lives into a complete whole. But when you strip away all that excess emotion, all that inconsequential parts and you do get almost the same core truth.

We all hurt.

We all can feel happy.

We all try to survive.

The list goes on.

Relating that to a cube. There are so many different ways to solve it. So many moves and so many combinations. Even if it took you 24 moves to solve a 3 move step the result would be the same if it’s to put a piece into place. It’s just excess moves. There are so many different patterns you can create as well. Doesn’t have to be full bodied, you can make it flowery or in a diagonal arangement of colours. But then when you take away all those patterns, you come down to one thing that does change.

All the colours are still the same.

In a way, looking at a cube is looking at the way we handle our lives. Sometimes we make a mistake and end up messing our lives more than it would take to put it together again. Sometimes, some mistakes can put our lives together again, but that’s a rarity. Sometimes we find the perfect combination in our lives with the shortest roads we take. Sometimes we still are in a mess taking the longest possible way to try and reach our goals.

Either way…everything we all do has the same colour to it.

Whether pain or pleasure, success or failure.

Some things will always be the same.

We just have to put them in the right place.

And appreciate how pretty it will be to us.

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