Damn You Wilm’s Tumor…

This has got to be some sort of record even for me. I have about 25 hours until my assignment deadline and what have I got so far? Complete crap. I haven’t the faintest idea what I’m writing nor do I have the slightest clue whether I’m writing it right. All I have is an absurd amount of journal articles, 575 words and a splitting headache. So what’s the best course of action now?

Why blogging of course.

Like I said…this is a record even for me.

Basically it’s just a 1500 word essay on Wilms’ Tumor which is this childhood cancer that affects the kidneys and make it look like mush. It would have been much easier if we were to write about the symptoms and treament of it. Much much easier…but no. We’re not doctors and this isn’t Health and Disease. We’re biotechnologists and this is Molecular Cell Biology.

Write it down to the cells he says.

I don’t care about the symptoms or treatment he says.

My God…what the hell is there left to write?

So yeah…we’re down to the journals word for word looking into how the HELL can one gene cause so much havoc on the human body. My windows is clogged full with 21 journal articles on the damn tumor and all I have that definite to be written down is “Inconclusive evidence to determine how WT1 gene causes Wilms’ Tumor“.

What…do they want us to RUN the experiment ourselves to prove it?

Then when I come close to journals that could give me the answers I want…I get “You are required to buy this journal to view it“. It’s just baffling. It’s a cancer…wouldn’t it make MORE sense to spread the information to the world for FREE?! Would it kill you to help a student try and make the world a better place?

This would have been less of a pain if I wasn’t feeling so sick. The next time You want to give me a plague…wait until I’ve finished EVERYTHING first will Ya? If I pass out and die now, I know it won’t be from a cold and exhaustion. My death certificate would read:

“Death from Wilm’s Tumor or more specifically trying to dig out conclusive and definite information relating to the cellular model of Wilms’ Tumor but ending up with utter non-related nonsence”

Christ…I think my fever is coming back now.

Damnit I’ve got to keep going.

So here’s hoping, what doesn’t kill me now…

Will probably be blogged about tomorrow.

Just 25 hours left to go.

That’s all I ask.

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