Day Of Days…

Could you ever see yourself dying for a cause? Could you ever see yourself preparing for something that could end in a heartbeat? Could you see yourself putting your life in the hands of fate for something bigger than yourself? How would you feel if you spend the night waiting and knowing that when dawn breaks…your first step foward could be your last?

Could you imagine yourself being just that?

Today is the anniversary of one of the most historic moments of the 20th century. This date today marks the 60th anniversary of the Day of Days. Also know by many as D-Day. The Allied landing on Nazi controlled France and the historic turning point of World War II.

Well…to me it’s significant. How could I not like it? I mean…I’m a guy who covets the military. In my spare time I study wars of history, what makes them and how they were won. I’m the guy who believes that wars are the fire that fuels the advancement of the human race. I’m the guy that wishes that there was at least something on the same magnitude happening right now.

Could you imagine yourself stepping into hell?

I think I’ve watched almost every movie and show out there that was to do with World War II. From classics like the Guns of Navarone to modern renditions like Saving Private Ryan or my personal favourite mini-series Band of Brothers. I’ve watched the documentries about the machines and the men that won the war. The level of sacrifice that people made to make things happen. The stories of men and women that were heroes in their own time. People who did incredible things both in glory and in horror to what they believed to be the right thing to do.

Could you look into the eyes of your best friend as as he lay there alive bleeding from his throat?

In any case…I salute the people that gave their lives that day and the days ahead. I salute the men and women that struggled against all odds to fight for what they believed in no matter what the side. I salute the soldiers that stood back to back as friends and brothers against wave after wave of enemy onslaught until the very end.

Anyone that made it through that hell deserves more than anything to live their lives in peace. They should be honoured for what they did and how they did it, how they lived…and why they died. So here’s to the people who lived and died on that day of days and beyond.

Victory and Curahee…

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