Dear God…

Ok…when I asked for more time. I didn’t expect You to take away more of it. Come on, You know I’m pressed for time. You know how important it is for me. This isn’t the right time to start testing how much stuff I can sqeeze within what I have. Unless You have some kind of bet going on…which I sincerely hope You don’t. Please please spare me that two more days. Please? Two more days to spend with the person I love?

You remember love right?

You gave us the ability to feel it anyway.

Come on Big Chief. I know you can. Just punch in a little extra time…please?

Your dear friend,
The one You poke fun with everytime.

P.S. I swear I didn’t do that thing You thought I did. You talk to Satan about that one. He’ll explain it…I hope. I’m on Your side remember? You know it yourself.

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