Desperate Dreams…

I know I’ve posed this question many times before. I doubt that I’m going to stop asking this question anytime soon. It’s something that has always been going through my mind for God knows how long. But it’s a fair bit of question anyway. Everyone has asked it before sometime in their lives. It’s a fact. You have too.

Why can’t my life be any different than it is now?

Yet again this question boils down to the fact that I have been watching a bit too much shows lately…or more specifically anime. I know I know…from the looks of it most people who watch anime anyway aren’t exactly people who spend their lives working and being responsible for whatever work they do. They are mostly teens who believe that they are still invincible in some ways or something like that.

But I assure you.

That’s a stereotype.

Now I’m not saying I go crazy watching shows like that…but it does fire up my sense of imagination. Kinda like when we read a book. We go through the many considerations of “what ifs” and “why nots“. Anime is no different.

So with that being said, consider this thought running through my mind. Why do our lives seem almost monotonously BORING compared to the books or the shows we see on TV? Why? Could anyone please answer me on that?

Chances are, if you’re reading THIS blog…you’re not exactly out there leading some kind of dramatic adventure let alone be tasked with saving the world from some foul evil or be attached to a melodramatic love life with famous people. If you are…I congragulate you on such amazing time management and wish you all the best. But if chances are you’re not.

I rest my case.

So why couldn’t it anyway? Why do we have to be swamped with news of wars in nations whose names we have trouble spelling or the brutality and stupidity of human beings in which most of us are outraged for as long as a mayfly’s lifespan? Why…why are our lives entwined in this…cesspool of monotonous boredom with obsticles that only serve to ERODE the human spirit?

People may argue…yes…that’s life. Yes this is OUR eventual responsibility and if you think otherwise, you’re just deluded and naive. Fine, fair enough…I give you that.

But who’s choice is it to let yourself die without actually living?

Responsibilities are one thing…that even heroes in our dreams can’t escape. They still have to work, they still have to pay taxes, they still have problems with their love life. They ALL have their own responsibility in the real world. After all…they still need food on the table and a shelter over their head. The books and shows don’t show that…we already HAVE enough of that in the real world.

But it’s that excitement, that thrill of doing something bigger than yourself.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind spending a large part of me life extracting and modifying DNA in a lab far away from people. But the end result for something like that is so that at least I can create a future where I have a hand in something exciting. Where the angels and demons of our dreams can be made real. Where there is something worth fighting for even if you’re an underdog doing it.

Where at least life is different from the small room I’m cooped up in with a sore throat and a bleeding finger.

I can’t help but dream that everyday.

I can’t help but move towards it everyday.

It’s part of what keeps me alive for now.

And it sure beats wishing you didn’t wake up.

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