Do I Know You…?

What do coincidences mean in our lives? Are they merely random events that have no significant meaning? A seredipity? Or do they have a higher meaning or message attached to them? As a person of science I have to support the random event idea because logically in science there is no such thing as luck. But these days I’m not so sure that it’s the better idea either.

I’ve been up and about for a while and I don’t know…it seems that there is no escaping past events that have indirect relation to future events. Mistakes made are to be recent lessons to others. Bumping into people at the right moment to be there when they need you or you need them. Having a problem that turns out to be a blessing for you. That’s just the main ones. Then you have songs, movies, books, signs, random words, items that remind you of situations that you are placed in and even possible directions of how you might solve a problem you’re facing.

Confused yet? Don’t sweat it…I was too.

The whole point is that for some obscure reason, anything that has happened to you can either be a warning, a lesson or a test for something else in the future. The only problem is that not many people see all these so-called signs. Most of the time we just consider it random background noise, oblivious to what it can mean to us.

Ok so it might not be essential for us to know these things, but I just find it makes my life a whole lot easier…though very creepy. It’s almost like predicting the future. Knowing what you could do before you do it. If that isn’t creepy enough, I don’t know what is.

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