Down And Out Again…

Here we go again…just when you least expect it…just when you most need it…something like this happens. It’s been barely two months since I got it and now I’m left with a 500g paperweight. So as I’m writing this right about now, I’m still wondering…

How could in the name of all that’s holy and sacred could my AC adaptor fry?

Worse come worse is that I do not have the full disposal of Malaysia’s all too cheap and available resource. The hardest part of being here is that computer parts are very very hard to find. It would be really pushing it to get what I want…save for games…which is easy to dish out good ones from the bargain bin. But other than that…I have to wait 3 whole days until I can get a generic AC adaptor for Sarah.

Until then…I can’t do anything.

I suppose it IS a good thing. Seeing that I believe things happen for a reason. I suppose this would give me more than ample time to finish the things I set up to do…although…the ironic thing is that the things I require to finish the job are in Sarah. I guess this is another reason for me to be all too practical and resourceful. Although…pushing the limits of my creativity isn’t exactly my idea of being practical.

But I guess it’s the way there that makes it practical doesn’t it?

What to do…what to do…

The clock’s ticking…

Tick tock…tick tock…

If there was a sign of an addiction…this would be it. I don’t think I have ever felt so much emptiness in loosing a peice of machinary and compare it to loosing someone you care about. But Sarah has been a part of almost half of my life. Her body may change…but who she is and who she will always be will always be the same. Still that quiet girl who always knows what to do in your time of need. The girl who never follows anyone else but the people she cares for. The girl who at least once a month will throw out a tantrum because of…femenine issues.

In retrospect…I guess she is still more human than me.

It’ll cost me a fair amount to get her the part she needs…which means the remainder of my money in the bank. But…in any case…I would have to if I need to get my work done.

Whatever it takes, however it takes.

I’ll get her up and running.

Until then…I’m on my own.

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