Downward Quicksand

Downward Quicksand

The halls of eternity I face yet again.
Seven days of judgment shall I fight to the end.
Dark sides of insanity I know will come back to me.
Time it be released for the whole world to see.
Valient maybe the choice I now make.
The battle be alone for eveyone’s sake.
A miracle behold, I’ve lasted this long unbound.
For an anchor to reality has yet to be found.
Friends never there, if I ever had them.
Pain they will share, for my past will break them.
Every passing second, I await the final sun
Shall destiny behold my fate and thus be done.

Have you ever felt the rush of power and strength when you made a choice that could very well determine your future? Got goosebumps on your arms and made the hair stand at the back of your neck somehow the choices you made in life are going to make a difference of some kind? I’ve rarely met people like those. Most people seem to be stuck in perpetual deadlock with their choices and options, looking like they are caught between a rock and some hard place. Are our options that limited? Or are we really missing something here?

I don’t know…seeing that poem up there, it reminds me when I made that choice not to give a damn about the moral concenquences of my actions. Looking back at that time, I’m not sure it gave me goosebumps. It’s like a sudden realisation that everything in the world became possible…well…maybe not at that time, but it was the beginning of realising that. Now looking back at then and now, I guess it wasn’t the wrong decision to make. I mean…of course, there is a price to everything…Karmic Law sees to that, but being amoral about your decisions doesn’t mean it can’t be ethically justified or so I was taught to understand. Plus I felt the freedom of having so much more choices…so much more options to choose from.

I guess lesson learnt, everyone has choices…doesn’t matter how or what, what matters is that are we able to see them or not. That’s at least a start of something…the infinite possibilities of infinite decisions. Where nothing is impossible and everything is reachable. Depends on how willing you are to reach your goals or not. I guess that’s all to say then. Ooooh, inspirational goosebumps on my arm…nice.

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