Dreams Of Thought…

Yet another one of those vivid dreams I had last night. Ok…it wasn’t that vivid, but I remember clearly the last few moments of it before I woke up. Even the last word that was said…which I still remember so clearly. The strange thing is…the sentance actually makes sense. That’s being vivid alright.

I’ll try and keep it short.

It was a gathering of some sort. People from various places were sitted at different tables waiting to be selected for some sort of council. The place was high up because I remember having to climb steps to get there. Anyway…cutting it short. I remember being originally part of that high council and we have finished selecting the new members from these factions. The remainder of it were going to be reselected again for a secondary council.

This is where the really vivid part starts.

I was a dream floater, you know…when people float around but is never part of the events. Anyway…fast foward to this table seated by two french people. One was a disfigured man, half his face corroded like acid had burnt it away. The other was a just a man, nothing much stands out from this man except that you can see the way he carries himself, full of grace and serenity…that and also the fact this man is known for slaying the legendary sea monster Kraken.

Anyway…they were arguing or talking, I’m not too sure. The disfigured man was angry for not being first choice to be in the council. He said to the other man that given a second choice, that man would be chosen because of his bravery in defeating one of the most fearsome beast that roamed the seas and that an ugly disfigured man such as himself would never be looked upon as a choice.

The other man look at the disfigured man and said only this line. “True courage doesn’t have any illusions of being announced“.

Then I woke up. Until now I still remember that line and I don’t think I’m in any danger of forgetting it either. What does it mean? I don’t really know. But a friend mentioned that maybe I see myself as both the disfigured and the courageous man. That maybe I struggle between wanting to be recognized for what I do and not wanting any recognition at all.

Is that what this dream is trying to tell me? Just a Freudian Split or a Jungian Number 1 and Number 2? Or it could mean I’m really really imaginative? I don’t know…it’s just that those words though obviously logical is still haunting anyway…it was like an epiphany of thought, like something people would say to another in trouble. For what purpose it serves me…unfotunately I don’t know yet…

Maybe some of you folks can shed some light on this situation. Anyone else have ideas on this?

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