Everything In A Blink Of An Eye…

One moment of perfection. A moment in eternity where everything somehow seemed…right. That’s what you get when you got that perfect understanding and connection. That’s what you get when for that brief moment, as if the universe all flowed in one direction and you’re at the center of it all, everything works out exactly at the right time and at the right place.

Whether by an understanding of an idea, an epiphany, a connection with a kindred spirit or a soul mate. Somehow…everything for that moment makes perfect sense and at the same time…everything doesn’t matter but what is going on at that very second in time.

I know it isn’t going to last long, I’m sure as hell it isn’t going to last the next few hours. But while I’m in that state of the universe making perfect sense, I like to appreciate this moment in time. That’s probably why I’m blogging this down. This is a record of the very moment I saw a future…a possible future where I could follow my dream and not give up everything I was born with. A possible future where I don’t have to make a choice to sacrifice my what I want for what needs to be done.

All it takes is one choice, one act and everything can fall into place. If that role is played out again…then by all means…it’s there for a reason. It’s not just as a purpose for something, it is THE purpose of doing everything. It is the sign, the vison, the prelude and harbinger to a future we all can share together. A future that demands us no lighter responsibility and no greater sacrifice…but a future that rewards us with not just a world for others to share…but a world where we can share in the fruits of our sweat and blood.

Some days it’s just good to feel alive. This…is definitely one of them.

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