Eyes Of A Child…

Could you look at the cold dark with the heart of a child and still come out unscathed? Could anyone really? Could we explore the bleakness of human depravity and corruption with a sleight of innocence? Could we do that and not be corrupted ourselves?

I don’t know…that’s a question I always ask myself. Could my children be raised knowing the cold dark without succumbing to it like us…like me. Could I pass on the twisted things I have gathered all these years without turning my children into the mirror image of my own monstrosity?

Should I give them the benefit of the doubt?

Looking at all the things we read in our newspapers today, abuse of maids, rape and murder cases of women and little girls, bullying in schools and the constant supply of scandals and corruptions. And that’s in our own country yet…I haven’t even began to open up to the world beyond that. If I do…then what? It’s still the same anyway.

No wonder there is no innocence left.

But maybe that’s our fault to begin with. Maybe we spend too much time worrying about all the horrors of the world that we forget to protect ourselves from it. Maybe we spend too much time being afraid of what it might do to us that we become the cynical shells of our former selves. Maybe we spend to much time trying to be an adult in the world that we forget what it’s like to be a child again.

You know what? I’m going to do it. When the time comes I’m going to teach my kid all that I do know…hell and all. Every kid has a right to know. We can’t protect our kids from the world that would corrupt them in the end…so why bother? Can’t we give them the benefit of the doubt? Can’t we give them a chance to explore the world in their own innocence armed with the knowledge and reasons WHY the world can be such a horrible place?

If there is one thing I remmeber being a kid, it’s one thing I know is true.

Only children find beauty even in the worst of places.

Our children are people trapped in a world where adults make the decisions. Don’t let them pay the price for the ignorance you put them through. Sometimes innocence is all we have to fight the demons we adults create. Knowing what this world can really bear…I wish I still had some innocence to call my own.

I haven’t stopped wishing yet…

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