Fallen Angels, Enlightened Demons…

How blind is justice? For the sake of this thought….lets say that there IS a good and evil. How much line is there between good and evil? Is that line so blurred that no one knows who’s on which side anymore? That angels and demons fight the on the same ground, on the same level of ferocity and brutality that no one seems to win either way. If even angels stoop to being ruthless and cold…God help us to think who’s on the other side.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. So…what’s the road to heaven? Bad intentions? Bad methods? We often argue that the side of Good should remain pure and unfazed in the fight against evil. The light in the dark as they say. But between the light and the dark…there is always that grey area, and that’s where the lines are really blurred.

I mean…where do we put Robin Hoods and Dirty Harry’s? Where do we put Criminal and Personal Injury Lawyers? Good? Bad? Hell…when you think about it really…no one really knows. What seperates good from evil? Reason? Motive? If that’s the case then there isn’t much difference at all. Who’s to cast stones on why someone has to be sacrificed as so many more will live? Who’s to cast stones that the law can be used to benefit those that didn’t deserve to get the things they want and at the expanse of others?

Because think about it. Each side is as ruthless as they come. Good uses methods deemed evil to help others. Evil works within the confines of good to futher corrupt good. When everyone’s using each other’s method, what the hell is everyone really fighting for then? It makes absolutely no difference what so ever WHO does better…no one is any better if everyone carries on like that.

Makes you wonder then if there really is a good and evil. It’s all what we see isn’t it? Maybe the philosophers are right on this one. It’s all an illusion created by us to serve us. Nothing is as real as it seems…especially in a world of our own creation.

So ask yourself…how good are you?

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