Fighting Fate…

We have heard it a million times over. We have lived with it ever since we were born. We have laughed at others about it. We have cried to it’s weight on us. We’ve grown bitter to its complexity. We’ve asked the heavens above to its nature. It is as inescapable as the air we breath and the ground we walk on. It’s life.

It’s life that’s never fair.

It never is fair isn’t it?

All that we’ve been through. All the times we laughed. All the times we cried. All the times we ran away. All the times we came together. All the mess that we’ve waded through. All the gunk we had to clear out. All the joys we had to suffer. All the suffering we had to be joyful at. All the perfect timings we were scared about. All the cute waddling creatures we love. All the nights we slept peacefully. All the dreams we had for ourselves. All the moments in time we lived for. All the times we had our moments.

To see it apart again

It’s just a cruel twist of fate.

There isn’t anything we can do about changing fate. Not a damn thing. It’s just that we just don’t have to be at the mercy of it that’s all. As long as we what it takes to make the best of what comes after. Everything can be salvageble. Anything is possible as long as you stop at nothing to make it happen.

At least that’s what I tell myself.

I won’t go down that easily. I have never been put down without a fight. I haven’t lived, waited and worked this hard to let it all go. Even if it would take a million mountains in our way…I want a future to hold we can hold in our arms. Even if there was years to go before we embrace…I want the dreams we can live and breath as easily as life itself. Even if I have to rip the life away from this body…I want a future without the gaping hole in my heart and soul. Even if God was standing in the way…

I want to be with you.

Fate be damned and woe betide anything that stands in my way.

All I want is just want to be with you.

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