Food For Thought…

If there is a reason to feel good when you’re far away from the shelter of your own house. It has to be someone else’s house. Or rather…to be precise…finding refuge at what you consider home. Then again…there are homes far away from home that feel as if you’re a thirsty man in a hot endless desert.

Something I’m going to live with for a long while.

But for now…let me enjoy the quiet moments on the bed. Let me imprint the memories of sweet nothings. Let me wonder good thoughts of “what ifs”. Let me smile at the marks and bruises on my arms and shoulder. Let me hear her laugh as we watch Notting Hill. Let me see her smile in bliss and contentment as I rest wearily in her arms. Let me watch her study for her midterm quiz (Ju’s note: and to think that he doesn’t know whether i have my midterm or quiz! I feel so insulted…) and I now write this blog.

Soon it will be all I have.

What happens later, well…that’s for time to tell is it not? Maybe we don’t do the wicked dance as often as some people. Its funny that any hot blooded guy would look at one girl and not have any sexual thoughts about her. Who knows…love is a wonderfully spendid thing. Who many many things in the course of love anyway…not all of them are stupid.

At least that’s a good thing.

There comes a time when you realise there is no time to be sad. Realise that there is no time to shed a tear or live in regret. There is only time left to savour the reasons why you’re living. Savour the purposes that make you go on in your life. This is the life that some of us have to realise. Those of us that live in the constant turbulance of life. This is what we have to abide by. There is no time to sit back and be consumed by the overwhelming force of reality.

There is only time to ride above the magnificence of it.

Now is the time for me to put on my shirt and start cooking. I can’t possibly cook without clothes on. This is no time to have a weiner roast. The menu this afternoon is pasta…or whatever we can improvise with it.

Weiners however…come later tonight. It’s a salty dish thing.

Probably in more ways than one.

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