Funny Coincidence Freeing Cognition…

I’ve known Albert for a long time. He’s nice. He’s your above average technogeek who knows how to enjoy parties and hard rock. He has been known to complete the Rubick’s cube in 48 seconds and is my closest thing to personally knowing a whiz with coding.

Me…I’m just a guy who studies Biotechnology and loves genetics.

So it was a funny coincidence when I accidentally googled my name and found this.

The Mathematics Genealogy Project – Albert Edrei

What’s that supposed to mean? What would happen if Albert and me were to combine our specialities? Ok…it may not be that funny but still…to those of you that know both what Albert and me can do that is a remarkable coincidence to what both of us know we can really do.

Which is what was on my mind today anyway.

What can I really do?

I don’t know…anything I put my mind to I guess, but what comes naturally seems to be coming along fine as long as I don’t feel so nervous. In short…to do what I seem to always tell people in tight corner situations.

Not to sweat anything.

It’s just that to keep my mind on track and busy as so not to stress myself out so much, I’m resorting to pulling off the everything I can get my hands on. It’s not exactly been easy on my stomach these days, but…at least when I think about it, I can convince myself that I am in a situation where this is all I can do with all that I have. It may not be much…

But it’s all I have between me and something worse.

To go back to the beginning of what matters most is one of the hardest things in life we can all do. That in the end, you have to go back to yourself to realise something even greater than even you alone will be. Some things in life only come once. Very rarely do they come back to you again.

But in the end, they come back to who you are and never what you are.

They come back to what matters most.

They always will.

They have to

I hope.

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