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Talking about all the Multi-level Marketing out there. I can say one thing to all who approach me. “I know what you want to ‘share’, don’t waste anymore of your time“. It’s not that I don’t believe in the system. The system works…I think I’ve listened to enough to know that system well. But as profitable as it is. I don’t have the resources to commit myself at this present moment.

Yeah…the system works. It can work for others, it can work for you too. Technically every system can work for you. Hell…even communism and capitalism can work for you too…depending on what you want and what you see. Anything can work for you too. Then why is this world so screwed up? One simple reason.

You don’t work for you.

It’s ironic that we are the very instrument of our own crawl through evolution. The more entrenched into the society, the less likely you’re able to think beyond the obvious. Day in day out we are drilled into becoming the automatons of society, the workers. Thing is…when you start thinking about it. That 9 to 5 day job of yours…who exactly are you working for? You? Your dreams? That dream of retiring early and owning a fishing yatch and taking long trips to far away lands? Do you seriously think considering ALL that normal education has taught you…that you are going to get away with your own dreams? That you will have the skills to BE a leader. BE one that can stand up and say I want to create a new paradigm shift. Face it.

The system uses you.

Most people let their dreams slip away because in the end, they are just too tired, too narrow, too programmed to understand that they have a choice. They have a say in their lives and it’s not bound to whatever dead end career that they already choose.

Everyone has a dream, a goal, a destiny to create and fufill. From the small town school janitor washing the toilet to the fat cat CEO’s in multi-national conglomerates. Everyone has a dream. The only difference between people are two things.

1. How high the dream goes.
2. How much are you willing to pay to get there.

The system already starts to beat people down from their dreams. High school, colleges and peers already begin to wear your dreams down, instill the sense of apathy under the guise of “realitstic normalacy“. Soon noble dreams soon become the fight to just have a nice retirement fund to spend the rest of your days. Dreams of owning items of luxury soon become fights to survive the next 40 years without starving.

What people have to realise is that no one wins when no one is willing to start tearing off and arm and a leg to get to where they want. No one can sit back at the beginning of their lives and think it’s all going to ok…not without a fight you aren’t. Maybe you have a trust fund, maybe you have a rich spouse.

But you will never know when either one will run out.

So it all boils down to one thing. How much you’re willing to do to get to where you want. Maybe you realise that a 9 to 5 job won’t cut it. Maybe you’ll realise being a housewife doesn’t get you the perfect family. In any case, realising is half the battle. The other half is giving your dream all it’s worth in gold. Whatever it takes, however how the road. They say the best things in life are free.

They lie.

The best things in life come at a price…but the price always matches the prize. That’s how the system works. You work for no one but your own. Your own dreams…your own goals. No matter what the system…you make it work FOR you. Use it to YOUR advantage to get to where YOU want. Only when you start realising YOU control your OWN life. Every situation that befalls you will be in your own grasp.

What you do with those moments of your time…determines your succeses in the future.

So…don’t you have a dream to make…?

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