Give Me A Break Now…

If there is any reason why I despise group work or assignments, this has to be it. Why is it of all things, when your grades hang on it, you have to be forcibly shucked into a corner with people who you can’t seem to get along with. I have no problems working with people who at least could give me updates on what’s going on if I can’t make the group meetings…but when you don’t talk to me at all on what’s going on then later proceed to complain to the lecturer I show no remorse in NOT being part of the team. I tend to get more than a little pissed in whoever did that.

As I recall…I DID ask you people to update me on whatever was discussed. I DID ask if it was possible to rearrange the time to another because I can’t make it. I DID make the effort to change the time but no one bothered to show up anyway. I DID ask you people not to tell me that there was a meeting one HOUR before it started but tell me at least 2-3 days in advance. And you’re complaining I’M the one who shows no effort for the team?

For once why can’t I have the people in my group that I CAN work along with. People who aren’t the least bit inefficient and clumsy in their work? But nooo…as irony dictates, all the people whom you CAN get along with happen to be all over the place…some of which aren’t in the same course or time as yourself. And there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

Urrrgh…I know I know…if there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it, then by all means I should stop complaining. I just need to get it all down and figure out a way I can work together before I start strangling someone. Yeah…some new years resolution I made. So far these past few months I’ve been loosing my temper even more than ever. Hell…look at this blog. It reeks of anger and resentment.

I seriously either need a good long vacation or I think I really need to handle the anger issue before I deal with anything else. I can’t let people bother me so much. Tell you what…whenever someone starts to get me angry. I’m going to walk away. That’s right. I’m not going to care about whether or not I’m pissing them off. I’m not going to let them piss me off. My head and chest can’t take it anymore.

Another day, another problem. Now I’ll handle two more. Let’s get back to studying shall we…?

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