Give Me Directions…

There are no coincidences. None at all. Whether you believe it or not, everything you see and experience happens exactly for a reason. Reasons either we can see…but often beyond our comprehension. Whether its a seeing a person fall down or finding a coin in the middle of the road. Each and every action has its purpose in your life. It’s just that it matters when it would give meaning to us.

Why am I saying all of this? I don’t know…maybe it’s because when I take a step back in my life, it’s easy to see the uncanny events and so called “coincidences” that has shaped the life I am living through now. Things that for some reason has giving me some form of benefit later in the future. Things that for some reason gave me that…lucky break in my life. When you look back at that and see how seemingly normal or trivial events can mean a great deal to you…it can’t help but wonder, what about the events that happen to you now? What would they mean and how would they affect the future to come?

Of course…there is a catch to call this. There is a saying. “A man who so strongly believes in the devil will start to seem him everywhere.” There is a certain amount of signs and coincidences a person can take to heart without succumbing to the their own doubts and fears. Otherwise, very soon they would start seeing bad news everywhere they go, making decisions slowly on whatever “messages” they interpret because of they might percieve any other action as a bad omen.

Is that where superstition comes from? People who believe in interpreted events and signs too much until they fail to believe in themselves? I like to wonder whether meeting a certain guy would mean that he may give me something I need 2 years in the future. But I wouldn’t want to bet my life on it. It’s just too…hokey.

Well…it’s either that or I’ve been watching TV too much.

Oh well…maybe there is an eventual purpose to me writing this. Won’t Grissom be so proud of me…

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