Great Acts Of Stupidity

I was watching the movie Johnny English today starring Rowan Atkinson. Pretty nice movie, it’s no blockbuster hit, but it holds it’s own ground as a good comedy come action movie. The thing is…it reminds me of Homer Simpson for some reason. Specifically the “Homer“, which in the Simpsons Universe means acidentally doing an act of greatness through sheer stupidity. Has anyone ever done that before? Did a Homer? Personally…I’ve never seen it done, but the possibilities of this universe is endless, it’s got to have happened before.

Makes you wonder…ever realise some of the greatest discoveries or stories of those great discoveries were all Homers? If Flemming didn’t leave the petri dish open to let fungus in, we won’t have discovered antibiotics. If the apple didn’t fall on Newton’s head, no inspiration for the Theory of Gravity (though this is actually a myth). How many other Homers do you think contributed to the progress of mankind? It’s a scary thought to realise that the entire human civillisation was probably built on the actions of accidents. It’s a wonder we’ve survived this long.

Imagine a scenario like this happening sometime in the future. During a mission to Mars, someone forgets to code something on the Space Ship causeing it to crash into Mars. As a result we accidentally contaminate Mars with Earth microbes and in the process we terraform Mars into a lush paradise. It’s alright though…after all, it’s a Homer. Could this seriously happen? I have no idea…but it can happen after all there is a saying I stand by “Never underestimate the power of Human Stupidity“.

So who knows…you could have lived your entire life with Homers, not realising you did it. If so…what a lucky bugger you are. Woe rue the day I actually witness one.

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