Happy New Year

Happy New Year folks!!

Let’s all welcome 2004 with as much enthusiasm as we can muster (Yay…).But being good ol’ practical me, let’s just have a little hope that we can get past this year with as little damage to our lives. Let’s make the best we can of the things we endure and live our lives the way we were meant to live it. Ain’t that the purpose of our goals and more specifically the resolutions we make at the beginning of the year?

Well…I guess it’s time to unveil the resolutions I have set for myself for the year to come and here they are:

Edrei’s New Years Resolution
1. Have a little more control on my quick temper especially towards the ones I love.
2. Be a little less forgetful.
3. Complete my thesis and have it published in the international arena.
4. Slow less remorse and mercy for suffering fools.
5. Earn money by writing.
6. Strengthen my stomach muscles and lose the remaining fat around the waist.
7. Master the art of deceptive body language.
8. Reach out or at least act like I’m reaching out to people in order to form closer social bonds.
9. Solidify my power base in the scientific community by establishing credible front and a strong control over deciding factors by whatever means necessary.

I guess that’s about the things I’m going to have to work on this year. It’s slightly vague in some areas. But it’s pretty reachable goals in the least. They do after all work towards the grand plan in general which is after all the most important thing…to me at least.

New Year’s Countdown was a doozy and as usual the city was jam packed with people trying to watch the fireworks. For a brief moment it seemed like it was snowing, partly to the fact that people were spraying foam all over the place. Blast it…it stings the eyes, now I remember why I dislike New Years Countdown in the city.

Interestingly enough, I wasn’t showing the least bit interest in the fireworks as the clock struck 12 midnight. I was more interested in the people that crowded the place. The way each individual or group acts, the way they, cheered and danced around in something most of them place little meaning in. It just makes me wonder what most people really live for…but that’s a thought for another day in another blog. All the walking around preceeding the events around orientation is not good for my feet. Now…time to get some rest.

May our days be lived in contentment and to stand tall. Lets make it a very happy new year to us all.

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