Harder Than It Looks…

Finally I have it done. It took me a while but I finally managed to write it. I took up the 100 Things You Never Knew About Me Challenge and after a little more than a month I got it done. Gee…it’s actually harder than it looks. I mean I got to 25 then drew a complete blank. Then it suddenly hit me, this challenge isn’t about telling other people what you do. It’s about showing you one thing.

You don’t live life enough.

Well…at least that’s what I got from it. After looking through it I sure as hell can one thing.

I lead a very very boring life.

I mean…seriously, I got stuck at when I got to number 25. I can’t think of anything about myself after saying 25 things about myself. If you think that’s bad, figuring out the last 5 was hell enough. What could possibly interest people with what I have done? Short of a shrink, I doubt people would start going through it anyway. Come on…even you said you just read the first and the last then leave the rest for later…way later.

That’s got to be a sign alright.

You know what? I don’t want to be stuck at 25 all my life. I want to be someone that has more than a few things to tell about his life. I want my kids to know how their father helped the cops solve one of the most gruesome serial murders ever. I want my grandkids to know that their grandpa climbed the 10 highest peaks in the world. If ever my life was an autobiography…I sure as hell don’t want it to be condensed into 2 pages.

You know what? If anything is to be said, what went before was a precursor to actually living life. All the mistakes, all the things right, all the emotions, all the first times. It’s just for all of us to start living life the moment we walk out there on our own terms. It’s for us to appreciate the world in its full spectrum of colours. Whether it be light or dark, we know what it is. We know how to handle it. We know where to go from there.

We know how to live.

Smile smile…it’s going to make for an interesting ride.

It doesn’t take what I’m wearing now to figure that out…

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