Hate Who You Love Who You Hate

Well, I’ve got time to kill before my class starts. Just something I’ve got thinking before I forget about it. Someone once asked me, “How can you hate someone yet be so nice to them at the same time.” I replied, “Because inside, you’re smart enough to know it’s the right thing to do.” But seriously, it got me thinking, there are alot of events in my past that I somehow loath certain people and show no qualms of my hatred for them. But yet sometimes, I just feel it’s necessary to show alot of restraint and tolarence towards the people I hate. Often enough, this is better than just showing them my hatred.

I guess for good or evil, such patience is always the key to success. Whether you’re just enduring the stress of it because you’re think it’s childish, or you’re that you’re planning some vile unspeakable act to completely ruin that particular person. It’s always time that is the key to making it work. As long as you however commit to whatever you’re doing. But it’s hard being patient all the time, especially with people. I’m a patient person, but I have my limits. I guess all we can do is put the petty things aside and be patient about it, and get the more important things done without remorse nor delay.

Ooops, 5 more minutes to class. Well, I’ll post in later…I’ve got more important things onmy mind…like my Calculus Test in about 4 hours. Where is the chocolate rush when I need it?

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