Headache And More…Headache…

Right now, there is this throbbing pain in my head, tight muscles around my fingers and the general feeling of malaise all round which tells me one thing. I am starting to get sick. No…it’s not your fault. I would have pulled you closer anyway, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. By the time you started to sneeze I would have been done for. So no worries there. It’s just that I want you to take the Vitamins. Come on..you know it’s good for you.

Is it so hard?

So I’ll stick to something light and technical. But if you haven’t a slightest clue to what I’m talking about. Just skim through these lines until you get to the juicy bits about my personal life.

I’ve been tweaking around the blog alot. I removed alot of the gunk that makes this blog HTML invalidated. Of course…thanks to the mates in the blogshares chatroom, I managed to remove the last part of junk…all except the code that allows this blog to have transparency. I managed to tweak the code…BUT…it only works in Mozilla. How ironic…the code works…but not in IE. Same goes for the icon next to my adress bar. Chances are…if you’re using IE to read this blog. You’re NOT going to see it.

That’s Internet Explorer for you. Go Figure.

So there is nothing else I can do. I have to leave this page unvalidated because SOME people wouldn’t design a browser that comforms to W3 standard. Just for once…I’d like to see something that everyone can use. No more browser wars or designer nightmares. It’s making my headache worse as it is.

But enough of me and back to you. Just promise me you’ll let me take care of your health. When I get sick (which should be less than a week)…then it can be your turn. Please please don’t no sleeping late until you get better missy. Drink lots of water and take it easy ok? Don’t push yourself like I know you would. Yes…I know I would too…but you’re there to stop me too right? So we’ll call it even there.

Please don’t be such a stubborn hardass.

For now…that’s my job.

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