Hear Me Roar…

For some reason, strong women always appealed to me. I don’t know why. Freud would say it would be the representation of my mother who is in all aspects dominent over me through out my life. It could be the fact I grew up surrounded by feministic ideals which state the greater strength of women. It could be the attraction and reverence to the indivuduals that fight against the general society’s predominant view that women are the submissive ones. Hell…it could just be me and that’s just my idiosyncratic preference.

Either way. It’s always refreshing to meet women who truly stops giving a damn about being pretty in the eyes of the society and just well…be true to their nature. In short…do whatever they set up to do.

Thing is…most people even alot of women themselves seem to think that being free of society’s stereotypical role of women means that they have to act like men. Since when does it have to come to that. I mean…I don’t mind women wearing men’s clothes…it’s all just superficial. But…since when did it say that women have to start crushing beer cans with their forehead to prove that they are not the house wife who waits for their darling husband to come home?

I think maybe being strong isn’t about playing a man in a man’s world. It isn’t all that load of crap. Maybe its about doing what a person should do. To choose to do what they have to do. It isn’t a value than a man has….it’s a value that a person, ANY person should have.

So if a woman chooses to do what it takes to do deeds that she has to do, why should she be called out for not being a woman? Does this mean a woman shouldn’t have the right to control her life and the lives around her? Does this mean a woman can’t lead armies into battle, be ruthless and practical, be able to kill as efficiently as a monster and a man can? What kind of hypocrisy is that?

If a woman, a human being had no choice but to do so…why should she be thought of any less? And if she did such a thing…why should she be expected to keep doing it once the deed is done? If it had to be done at that particular point…why should she be punished for being any less society’s stereotypical woman?

The world would be a much simpler place is we just completely disregarded gender protocols. Sure…men will be men and women will be women. Part of that is in our genes. But the rest of it…the LARGER part of it…it’s all 5000 years of social hypocrisy built to make men look good.

Strength is streghth no matter what the flavour. It’s just understanding what you have to do and doing it that makes all the difference. There is no shame in being a woman for being true to who they are…and doing what it takes to get to the things that have to be done.

It’s just one of those things that make the world worth living in. Who couldn’t love that…?

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